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HELLO I'm Michele, the founder of THE LOVELY TEA COMPANY.
Growing up in an Irish family home, TEA was an essential refreshment from early childhood and passed on through my children with the belief that a “good cup of tea could fix anything.” You would often hear my mom shout out to my dad… “Jim put the kettle on we’ve got company or we’ve got to talk!”

It seemed natural to be drawn to developing my own brand of tea after a few years of operating my Lovely Teahouse and sharing so many moments with all age groups who simply want to slow down and enjoy a good cup of tea and conversation.

I never shared loose leaf teas with my parents; it was when I opened my teahouse that I realized the benefits and flavours offered in these blends. There are so many options away from the traditional Orange Pekoe or Earl Grey, but still my favourite cup of tea is a Lovely Cream Earl Grey blended with Irish Breakfast and a touch of lavender.

The Lovely Tea Company’s point of difference and mission is very simple…’encourage conversations and make memories while preparing and experiencing a good cup of tea!

The lovely Tea Company is Canadian based and works closely with our organic farms from around the world as we source natural, quality blends following the ETP (ethical tea partnership) and guidelines of the Tea Association of Canada.

Lovely teas offer you handcrafted blends made with care and timeless traditions. Organic, Vegan and sustainable agricultural standards are a foundation of our company.

Our team works hard to ensure that we source the highest quality, and most delicious, blends of tea so that you may be enchanted by the masterful and sometimes curious flavours the world of tea has to offer.